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Tajarin, Piedmont’s classic pasta, smoother than a baby’s bottom

There is arguably no dish more quintessential to Piedmontese cuisine than tajarin, the Piedmontese dialectal name for taglierini or tagliolini, thin long noodles, akin to but more narrow than their cousins in Emilia-Romagna, tagliatelle. A strictly egg-based pasta, they are typically served with a ragù made from frattaglie, in other words, innards (also known as… Continue reading

Flavio Costa’s 21.9 at Tenuta Carretta: The thoughtful attention to detail that goes into a Michelin star

So much has been going on at Tenuta Carretta this fall. An excellent harvest that holds a promise of great results for both the reds and whites from Tenuta Carretta. A new and innovative Vine Trekking program that allows guests to tour the estate’s vineyards on foot. And this fall, the good news just kept… Continue reading