Tenuta CarrettaPassion for winesince 1467

The winery

Since 1467, a story that continues

Tenuta Carretta is located in the south of Piedmont, in Piobesi d’Alba, in Roero. It is a winery  with a rich story, one of the most historic Italian wineries where past, present and future are integrated in the best way.

However, Tenuta Carretta is above all, a winery made of people, who collaborate together for the achievement of a single, shared objective: produce high-quality and important wines that are pleasant and enjoyable to drink.

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The hospitality

Tenuta Carretta a world of quality

Tenuta Carretta is a splendid winery that sets the stage of an amphitheatre of unique and evocative vineyards. They make up a part of the touristic ‘wine mosaic’ through which visitors can follow a guided trail through the vineyards.

Guided visits to the winery, two high-end restaurants (one at the winery and the other in Barolo on the Cannubi hill), the elegant Charme Hotel and a welcoming Enoteca – Wine Shop, make up the rest of the mosaic.

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Our wines

We exclusively vinify grapes harvested from the property’s vineyards

Our vineyards are a part of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato wine district, an extraordinary territory that was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.

We practice sustainable winemaking, with manual harvesting, slow pressing of the grape cluster and balanced maceration. Each phase has the aim of storing and transmitting, in whole, the balance and the harmony of the grapes into the bottle all the way to the glass.

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