Tenuta Carretta Experience

YOU, at the centre of our world

YOU, at the centre of our world

The privilege of an encounter
The place of the heart
The luxury of simplicity

For Tenuta Carretta Experience wine is a direct connection to the places and the people that produce it.
Exclusive benefits become an opportunity to share a unique and engrossing experience.

Join us at Tenuta Carretta Experience and you’ll have access to

  • Events designed for small groups of connoisseurs
  • Exclusive bespoke tastings
  • Classic vintages, limited editions and special labels
  • Preview tastings of new vintages in the winery
  • A VIP pass for Casa Cayega, the annual event in which you can experience our firm in person for a whole day

Come and join us!


Info and booking

Località Carretta, 2
12040 Piobesi d’Alba (CN)
Tel: +39 0173 619119
Email: shop@terremiroglio.com